Diamond & CBN Mandrels / Burrs

Lapidary & Polishing Industry:

Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder

Industry Applications

​​​CVD Diamond:

Polycrystalline for Chisels, Dressing Tools & Thermal Applications

Single Crystal for Tools & Optics

​​Automotive Industry:

PCBN & PCD Inserts

​​​Our mission at Stingray Abrasive Tool is to ensure and deliver a completely hands-on relationship with our customers from project inception through product manufacturing each and every step of the way until project completion, while providing a true professional and superior customer service experience ensuring materials quality, consistency and on time delivery.

​​​​Glass & LED Screen Industry:

Diamond Edge Cutting & Final Polishing

Aerospace Industry

Synthetic Diamond Saw Grit:

​Concrete Cutting Blades & Grinding Wheels


PDC Cutters, TSP Diamond Inserts & Diamond Burrs

​Cutting & Gage Elements for Water well, Geothermal, Mining & Petroleum Drill Bits

Monocrystalline Diamond Wafers:

Wire Dies & Diamond Tools

Semiconductor Industry:

Synthetic Diamond Dicing Blades & Diamond Dressing Boards